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Meet Liz

When you’re ready, Liz is ready. She’s calling you back or re-writing your copy or fixing your files or suggesting a whole new name for your business or finding a team who can powerwash your logo into the grime on a city sidewalk and having it all done by, well, yesterday. You get the picture.
Before starting Rabe & Co. with Ken, Liz was a rising star in project management at some of the top ad agencies in New York City, working on accounts like Stella Artois, Johnson & Johnson and Got Milk. Liz learned so much from those years, and proudly brings that level of creativity, commitment and big-brand / big-picture thinking to every project she takes on.
Liz also loves the “moment” when great design meets great copy. With an MFA in Creative Writing from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, she has crafted everything from core, corporate strategy to fun nav-to-contact content and just about every type of passage in between. She's sure that she regularly rips off the insanely talented writers she’s worked with or is friends with, but feels better remembering that she’s beaten many of them at poker. That, and they don’t seem to mind.
That’s just, well, Liz. Tell her your problems and she either makes them go away completely or she builds them into your next campaign as a strength. Make her a fresh margarita and she’ll start solving problems you didn’t even know you had. With 20 minutes to spare. And an extra hundred in your pocket.


> Contagious Energy
> Obsessed with AirTable
> Project Management Ninja
> So many High Tops
> Playlists for Days
> Professional Pep-Talker
> Mom's So Hard
> Morning Workouts
> Afternoon Margs
> Late Night Dance Parties

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