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Trilantic, a global private equity firm, was referred to us by a wonderful mutual friend and former client. The passionate, crack team focused on energy at Trilantic was getting ready to break out on their own. The new name: Greenbelt Capital, a play off of the lush Barton Creek Greenbelt running through Austin TX. With a tight timeline and trusting, motivated, tight-knit crew, we thoroughly enjoyed developing this fresh, smart identity system, full website, collateral and swag.



From simple ideas to more unusual concepts, at one point creative development for the Greenbelt mark included an idea to cut a space through the center of the name that was meant to represent the Greenbelt itself (the way it cuts a path through the city of Austin.) But while a heady, deep cut concept was appreciated, simplicity won the day. The favorite ended up being a sophisticated, custom, lowercase "g" with the descender of the letter symbolizing a greenbelt snaking through the center of the city. The ear of the letter was drawn as an arrow-like shape representing future-forward thinking. Revisions and refinements resulted in a more simplistic mark, with elements reduced and removed. The final treatment is used at the start of the logotype or simply standing alone.