The Roundhouse

Our relationship with The Roundhouse is a bit complicated. First of all, we live on the property. And our homes are our offices. And we eat their food and drink in their bar. We haven’t crashed a wedding yet, but it’s gooonnnna happen. Flashback about four years, though, and you’d find Ken Rabe and I (Liz here) tromping through a snowstorm to meet with these guys for the very first time, when all the buildings were still boarded up and their plans seemed like real estate science fiction.

An awesome relationship was born that day, and shortly thereafter, a brand. Recently we helped re-invent that brand, updating their menus, collateral, web presence, signage and more. Paring the logo down to a strong, but super-simple stencil helps underscore a confidence and clarity that The Roundhouse really did have all along, but had started to lose sight of. We’re so proud to see them continue to rock a lot of media spotlight for our little town of Beacon, NY and anchor the amazing new energy down here at the far end of it. Come stay for a weekend and see for yourself. (And see us while you’re at it!)