We had the pleasure of meeting Klaus Obermeyer (Jr., son of Obermeyer company founder Klaus Obermeyer Sr.) through another client project. He loved our work and sought us out to commission a new logo for his Dad’s legendary company as a birthday gift to him. His 95th, no less! We were beyond honored.

After the logo, new projects. Featured here is TRUE LOVEa brand brochure like no other. Months in the works. Draft after draft, rounds and rounds of edits. Late night calls from Aspen, wondering if we shouldn’t just bail on it. I often tell my clients to prepare for some emotional fallout over projects like this, and it’s true! Identity design can cause a business identity crisis: Who are we? What do we stand for? How do people perceive us? What are they missing? What are we missing? Etc.

Well, ultimately, we pushed through all of that and more. Together. Nome Obermeyer, Klaus’s wife and partner-in-crime at the company, sent us this shot of Klaus perusing the finished piece, along with the note below. One of the nicest we’ve ever received, so had to share. And take this opportunity to thank her right back, and the whole team at Obermeyer that we worked with on this. The heart beats on!

Dear Liz and Ken,

It’s a victory. Squeal over-able, for sure. Nothing like it ever before, in our lives anyway. 

I have been grinning… but crying a little, too. In a way, at 96 years old, he’s reading his own biography, even if it’s supposed to be about a company. 

He’s really happy. It was the right thing to do – get it together for him. Your ideas, approach, writing, content/text… it seems to have just worked. I don’t know where you found the stamina, or kept your goodwill. I do know how impossible the whole effort must’ve seemed, at times. I’m just so glad everyone persevered.

For me this picture is priceless, and I have to say I sprang upstairs to send it to you – because how he feels about things, how it feels to have done something right that has made him happy, means so much, that succeed, or fail, I’m a basket case for half a day after, and burst into tears at the least provocation. 

‘Thank you’ is what this message was meant to be about, though.

Thank you Liz and Ken. And with many hugs, Nome.