More Good

Many moons ago, on the night before Liz and her husband’s wedding in Louisville, Kentucky, a bearded, bourbon-slinging bartender called out to an empty room, holding one of many unclaimed credit cards in his hand. Lights flickering, this tab was as wide open as the door to the street: “Schuler? Schuler??” But Schuler was gone.

Jason Schuler is still running that tab, having taken a gamble as wild as turkey. (Sorry, I’m really feeling the analogies on this one.) He started bottling all-natural, sweet and sticky, potent and delicious SYRUP. He just kind of started leaning his lanky self on the sodastream craze until it couldn’t pop a top without him. And damn if he hasn’t become some sort of modern fusion version of that bourbon bartender from way back when. Except now he makes cocktails to rule them all: fancy cocktail types, parents who can whip up a quick natural pop soda for their kid and pour the extra into a boozy concoction of their own… AND he’s the darling of the sober! And in many ways, More Good has become the darling of this town we all call home.

Any-damn-way, we’re so proud to have helped More Good refresh its look this last year. A little more streamlined, saying just as much MORE with, well, LESS. Crazy, crazy cheers to my old friend and our very own homegrown hero of the new, modern, all natural soda. And keep an eye out for so much more to come!