If you’ve never heard of Millson, we highly suggest a cruise through their website. Humble humans proudly based in Vancouver, CA, they’re poised for mind-blowing technological world domination. This unbelievably innovative, creative, passionate team of brainiacs may be on a whole other coast in a whole other country, but they’re a big part of our heart here at Rabe & Co. Probably because Richard Millson himself called us up out of the blue one day when we could still count the number of days we’d even existed as a design shop and we’ve been working with and for him ever since.

A complete brand overhaul, multiple double-page ad campaigns, websites, trade shows, sponsorships, video animations, product launches, van graphics, form design, UX design, the list goes on. For Millson, if you name it, we’ve done it. This page just shows some of the latest, but we proudly keep keepin’ on. Because at this point we can’t remember or imagine our work-world without them and hot damn if they don’t say the same about us.