Indiana Pacers

One Sunday morning, Liz was eating tacos for breakfast with some friends in Brooklyn. Her mom was babysitting her 2-year old upstate. She really needed to not be in Brooklyn eating tacos. She needed to get home, back to life. Back to reality.

But then her phone rang. With a distinctly unrealistic, near-fantastical request. Would Ken possibly be interested in working on a brand / uniform redesign for an NBA team? The rest is history. And… proprietary. We can tell you Liz ordered an extra margarita that day and watched morning slip into afternoon. But soon after, she caught the train back up river. Where she held down the Rabe & Co. fort for the next two months so Ken could disappear and do exactly what he does best: be left alone to nerd out on sports, history, the oldest-of-old-school design reference, type, nearly-impossible-to-notice-details, and in this case, the great state of Indiana.

Much later that year, we can also tell you that we were forwarded an email that said, NO JOKE: “Give yourselves a pat on the back! Direct quote from Larry Bird, “those are some good lookin’ jerseys!” On that day, we all ordered extra margs.

But for real. We could NOT be more proud to have been involved in this project. Huge shout out to Matt Comer, John Norman, and the unbeatable, but unlinkable Jeremy Gelade. GO PACERS!