County Fare

Way over yonder from the big city of Beacon, NY is the village of Wappingers Falls, with a sweet Main Street that winds down from a park and fairy-tale-worthy library to a creek. Right in the middle of said Main Street, a good friend and client holds down the best tattoo shop in the Hudson Valley: Graceland Tattoo, which we rebranded a few years back and is a project we absolutely love.

So when an old staple dive bar, The Quiet Man, that’s literally right next door to Graceland, was closing up shop, it seemed like the right move to try and keep it alive.

We worked with owners Adam Lauricella and Brendan McAlpine to create a fresh look for the newly named establishment, County Fare. They wanted a friendly, welcoming spot with a well-rounded and extensive menu of hearty food, craft beer and great cocktails. They liked the local nod to actual county fairs of course, but more the fun, community nature of them, and didn’t want to go too gimmicky with the concept.

We kept it sweet and simple and created just the “ticket.”